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  • Product Code:   L33416525
  • Delivery (working days):  6
  • Price:   21.89C$


Printers play an important role in today's office environment, providing printing of documents, reports, presentations and other materials. 

Our printer is specifically designed to meet the needs of the office environment, providing high print quality, reliability and ease of use.


  • Increased productivity: Fast printing and automatic duplex printing reduce the time spent on tasks.
  • Resource savings: Efficient use of paper and energy helps reduce operating costs.
  • Professional Document Look: High print quality gives your materials a formal and professional look.
  • Flexible connectivity: Network connectivity makes it easy to share and print from mobile devices.
  • Reliability and durability: Intelligent design and high-quality components ensure a long service life of the device.

An office printer is a reliable solution for organizing your workflow efficiently, improving productivity, and creating professional-looking documents. 

Thanks to its characteristics and functions, it will become an indispensable assistant in any office environment, contributing to the optimization of the workflow and the achievement of better results.

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